Laval, QC – August 29, 2014 - UNIBOARD, a North American leader in engineered wood products, announces the arrival of 5 piece doors in its Brushed Elm finish. Following the launch of its new 2014 TFL Collection, Uniboard has strengthened its partnership with Olon Industries Inc. with the addition of its 6 Brushed Elm colors in 5 piece polyester doors.

Uniboard’s Brushed Elm collection uses Woodprint Technology®, the first synchronized texture in thermofused laminates in North America. With the utmost precision, it aligns the décor paper and the surface texture to replicate real wood characteristics that are perfectly synchronized just as they would be in nature.

Representing perfectly the Brushed Elm’s texture, Olon’s new 5 piece doors are an essential co-product to address the growing demand for high-end cabinet door components. "By adding Brushed Elm to Olon’s product offering, we provide consumers a unique design option to simplify and enhance any project" says Don Raymond, Vice-President of Marketing at Uniboard. "The design range of our 2014 Collection is one of the best we have seen in years. The program truly sets the pace in the TFL arena and is on the cutting edge of laminate technology".

Olon also announced the addition of 5 piece doors for Uniboard’s new natural and rustic colors in the TFL 2014 Collection. This represents ten new 5 piece door moldings for Olon’s 2014 door program:

• H50 Silva (Brushed Elm, Woodprint)
• H51 Zahara (Brushed Elm, Woodprint)
• H52 Riva (Brushed Elm, Woodprint)
• H53 Ember (Brushed Elm, Woodprint)
• H54 Skye (Brushed Elm, Woodprint)
• H55 Mystic (Brushed Elm, Woodprint)
• H60 Classic Spice (Dolomite®)
• H64 Strata (RIO®)
• H65 Canyon (RIO)
• H66 Vintage (RIO)