Uniboard®'s Nexos Exterior Panels are our most innovative panel solution engineered for exterior applications, created using 100% recycled and recovered pre-consumer wood fiber. Our comprehensive knowledge of resin technology has led us to develop an innovative manufacturing process and high-quality components, resulting in a product that offers superior performance for exterior projects.

Nexos Exterior Panels are incredibly easy to work with and can be cut, routed and machined to various specifications. Designed and produced with proprietary technical properties that resist moisture, Nexos is ideal for use outside where the panels are not directly on the ground.

Uniboard Nexos Exterior Panels are available in North American standard sizes and thicknesses with the same quality and uniformity that has become synonymous with Uniboard's standards of excellence.

Nexos Exterior Panels are manufactured at our world-class mill located in Mont-Laurier, Quebec.

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Excellent moisture resistance as measured by ASTM D1037 for Water Absorption and Thickness Swell

Excellent performance on Machinability and Paintability

Made from sustainable materials with no added formaldehyde (NAF)

NAF - No Added Formaldehyde
No Added Formaldehyde


Uniboard Nexos Exterior Panels are excellent for nonstructural and paint-grade applications such as:
  • Exterior millwork
  • Outdoor kitchen components
  • Baseboards
  • Exterior signs
  • Other architectural components


NEXOS Exterior Panels must be primed or painted before being used outside. Adhesives or laminates may be used to affix other materials to NEXOS Exterior Panels. Uniboard® Canada Inc. cannot guarantee the performance or compatibility of any adhesives, primers or other finishing materials used in conjunction with NEXOS Exterior Panels. Fitness of all materials and their end use are the responsibility of the end user. Uniboard Canada Inc. is not responsible for the compatibility or functionality of primers, paints, adhesives, or any other treatment of NEXOS Exterior Panels or the resulting use thereof. Ground contact is not recommended and may damage NEXOS Exterior Panels. Each user is responsible for the user's particular use through appropriate end-use testing and analysis.