Easily identify HPL, 3DL, mouldings and 5-Piece Polyester and Thermoplastic doors that match our 134 TFL designs. Thanks to a complete selection of co-products, choosing decorative composite wood panel (TFL) has never been easier!
The Integra® DST program has been developed to highlight a wide range of products that fit perfectly with our TFL products. Integra DST is the result of a valuable alliance with our main partners who strive to offer you a perfect match.

  Quickly find HPL, edging, thermoplastic membrane, moldings and five-piece thermoplastic and polyester doors that coordinate with our 124 colours. Thanks to our selection of other companies’ products that work well with our own, it has never been easier to select colours of melamine and complementary elements.

The Integra® DST program was developed to showcase a full range of products that coordinate perfectly with Uniboard® TFL products. DST is the result of a close alliance with our main partners, who join us in wanting you to find a perfect match.

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