Laval, Quebec, December 23, 2011 – Uniboard®, a North American leader in engineered wood products, anticipates 2012 to be an exceptional year for the Company. With the new year fast approaching, Uniboard® wastes no time in launching the Mont-Laurier Promise: the mill’s commitment to providing its customers with the best possible service in the industry.

“The Mont-Laurier Promise is not simply a marketing campaign, it is our true commitment to offering the best service and the best products in the industry and nothing short of that!”, says Don Raymond, Vice-President at Uniboard®. “It means that wewill develop innovative products that meet the needs of the constantly evolving industries served by our mill. Furthermore, each order placed will be delivered quickly and efficiently, every time and on time. This will be the case with each order, without exception.…that’s the Mont-Laurier Promise!”

In addition to starting 2012 with a promise, the coming year will also see the launch of an exciting line of new products and services. The addition of a complete range of products coupled with the integration of innovative solutions will enable Uniboard® to further strengthen its position as a North American leader of engineered wood products.