Laval (Québec) - October 25, 2012 - UNIBOARD, a North American leader of manufactured engineered wood products, has announced today the return of its Excel MDF grade brand name to reflect the latest improvement made to the Classic grade.

Over the past six months, Uniboard’s production of Classic grade MDF has been enhanced with a higher softwood percentage (passing from 75 % to 85 %) and now matches the performance and quality of our previously designated Excel grade. Therefore, Uniboard has decided to rebrand the Classic grade as the Excel grade.

Uniboard Product Manager, Sara-Kim Diotte, stated that “The Mont-Laurier mill’s entire inventory of Classic grade MDF now reaches the Excel grade level of quality and performance. To reflect this improvement, the new Excel name will gradually be incorporated on all products’ packaging and marketing tools. We expect this transition to be completed by the end of December 2012.”

Therefore going forward, the Uniboard MDF product line will now offer the following grades: Excel+, Excel and NaturaTM which will continue to be available in a wide selection of dimensions and thicknesses.

This transition to Excel reflects Uniboard’s commitment to respond to customer expectations and market demand. Once again, Uniboard’s constant efforts and innovations set the standard of the highest quality in engineering wood product offering.