Laminated flooring

To keep your luxurious floor clean, simply sweep, wipe with a damp cloth and vacuum occasionally. For deeper cleaning, use a non-abrasive cleaner or a product specially formulated for laminated floors. Use a damp cloth to avoid getting too much water on the floor. If you need to remove a tough stain, or if you have any questions about cleaning, please call our customer service department.

Place a rug or mat near each exterior door. Install felt or similar protectors on tables, chairs and heavy objects. Always lift heavy items; never slide them on the floor. If you have chairs with casters, we recommend that you install casters designed for hardwood floors. Uniboard® luxury floors are pre-finished and must never be sanded, varnished or waxed.

Before installing your floor, let the flooring rest flat in the box and in the room where it is to be installed for at least 48 hours.

Engineered flooring

Wood is a natural product with natural variations in colour, tone and grain. It is normal to see colour differences between pieces of natural wood-based flooring. The manufacturer cannot guarantee that there will be no natural variations even within a single board, or minor differences between boards or in the tint of the floor. The installer or purchaser of a floor must do a final inspection of the product before installation. Do not install a product of questionable grade, production or finishing. Industry standards allow for up to 5% imperfections.

Examine the colour, finish and grain of the wood before installation. Care should be taken during installation to remove undesirable pieces or to repair defects. We recommend that you use trimmed boards at the beginning of each new row, and that you arrange the boards to create a random pattern. Once installed, boards are considered to have been accepted by the installer and the owner, whether the owner was present during installation or not. Wood contracts and expands due to changes in humidity. Even if the floor is installed correctly, gaps may appear between boards and slight deformities may appear. These natural phenomena are not covered by the warranty.

Please visit our documentation center to download our illustrated installation techniques.