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Uniboard Team


At Uniboard, we are committed to creating a flexible and inclusive work environment for all of our employees. Our approach is to adapt our workplace to encourage and support staff needs on both a professional and personal level. With our collaborative team environment, employees can achieve a work-life balance while advancing along their career paths.

Our workplace is innovative and productive. Uniboard is passionate about rewarding personal performance and supporting professional development. We equip our teams with the latest industry tools and resources, positioning them to achieve their best and set the standard in the sector.

The culture at Uniboard fosters a spirit of flexibility, inclusivity and innovation.


Uniboard Culture and Vision

Growth & Position

o Grow revenue to $750 Million

o Achieve 15% EBITDA earnings

o Secure the leading market position in our core geographic and market segments


Competitive Differentiation

o Cost leadership and scalable integrated sites

o Balanced manufacturing flexibility through multiple supply points

o Product design, range, quality

o Product and process innovativeness

o Outstanding service

o Employer of choice

o Environmental stewardship



o Products: Engineered wood products which includes thermofused melamine, particleboard, MDF

o Distribution Channels: Industrial distributors, OEM, retail

o Market segments: Furniture, kitchen cabinets, store fixtures, flooring, closets/storage, siding

o Geographic: Eastern North America


Customers Uniboard will provide its customers with innovative, quality products while exceeding their expectations with on-time service at competitive prices. We encourage our employees to demonstrate a sense of urgency and sensitivity for both internal and external customer needs.
Cost Uniboard commits to produce at the lowest possible cost in order to offer competitive prices to the market. We support our employees to explore the use of different, cheaper and more efficient ways of using our current resources in order to reach our vision while promoting responsible environmental stewardship
Communication Uniboard will clearly and openly communicate its expectations, train its employees to the highest standards, provide a healthy and safe work place, and favor personal development. Mutual respect, equity, participation and empowerment are at the foundation of our management style.
Constancy Uniboard’s commitment to its shareholders is to maximize the profitability of its operations and return of investment by promoting excellence of its employees and processes.
Creativity Unibaord commits to be the innovation leader in our market encouraging our employees to develop new, innovative engineered wood products and propose alternate business solutions as part of our on-going continuous improvement process.












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